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Presentation Title:

Managed Code Interoperability in DE


Speaker: Jan Kolar,

Centre for 3DGI, Aalborg University, Denmark


Date/Time:  Wed., 6th of June, one of the parallel sessions starting  at 16:00

Duration:     20 minutes.


Paper on Managed Code Interop




The presentation addresses issues of interoperability in the development of the Digital Earth technology in general, and under these terms points out the lessons learned from the research and development of the GRIFINOR platform.


Presentation's main points:


  • Background of DE technology and issue of communication between systems
  • What is interoperability, what are the obstacles for DE development.
  • Managed Code and Exchanged File Formats --- what's the difference.
  • The main features of the managed code solution in GRIFINOR


I am looking forward for your comments at this place or on 'kolda at 3dgi . dk'


Associated Persuasion:


  1. Sep2001   5yr. grant award from European Union development program regulation.
  2. Mar2005   First GRIFINOR demo at GI4DM, Delft, The Netherlands
  3. Sep2006   Open source GRIFINOR Project
  4. 06Jun07    Presentation at ISDE5


Project Affiliation:


  • Centre for 3D GeoInformation, Aalborg University, Denmark


3DGI working group
Leadership Team Lars Bodum, Erik Kjems
Researcher Jan Kolar
PhD Anette Nielsen


Following Group Activities:

11th June   Lars Bodum at NordGISci in Sweden

August        Erik Kjems at CUPUM in Brasil


  • GRIFINOR Project


Following Activity:

8th June     Jan Kolar at Scientia Est Potentia in the Czech Republic




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