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 Dear ISDE5 Technical Presenter-


There is a new resource available to you and your audiences at the conference - the ISDE5 Wiki. As you probably know, a wiki is a user editable web site - one of the fastest, most flexible ways to rapidly generate shared knowledge and links on the web today.


Please take a few minutes before the conference to look at your page.


I am looking forward to this addition to the ISDE5 work, and I sincerely hope that you will find this immeasurably useful.


This is a work in progress, as every wiki is... It is only what participants make of it. When used well, it becomes an extraordinary living record..



best regards

Brian Hamlin


ISDE5 Steering Committee


Some Quick Points:

* [Technical Presenters] already have a page made for you on the wiki. Type your name or the name of a session in the search box to find your page.


* Find your page - we auto-filled out your name, session title and description if we had one available. We also put in some sample formatted text to help you get started with sharing more information about your session. Please change this text to your liking.


* I suggest if you choose not to edit your wiki page, simply delete most of the page's sample content. It only takes about six keystrokes and a search to accomplish !! Your audience may use that same page to take notes or make references.

Its all an emergent process.


* Problem - My Name isn't spelled right! My session description is inaccurate/ incomplete/misleading... Relax, any page can be edited, or you can just make a new page that has a title you like. Its really easy.


* Lastly, when you log in to edit, notice the checkbox that says "notify me of changes." I expect high change volume on this wiki, which may generate a lot of email to you, For Your Information. Please DO enter your name when you log in to edit, this makes it much easier to track important changes.


I know that some of our ISDE5 staff are excited about using this wiki to facilitate the enormous streams of data and organizational networking surrounding this work.


Also please note that all edits are changeable, with a complete revision history. If you find something you or your organizations do not accept, it can and will be rolled back.




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