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Welcome to the ISDE5 PBwiki!

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What is a Wiki For?


A Wiki is Immediately Updateable


  information that is very new, or has just occurred to you, fits well on a Page



A Wiki is Collaborative


  more than one pair of hands and eyes, more than one knowledge base, more than one collection of links



A Wiki is a Web Page


  Links, Links, Links.. a collection of links is worth more than a single link,

giving context, contrast, supplemental information....



You can make a Page with a Profile of You, a Project, an Idea, a Company

  the substance of that page supports and refines its subject. At the least, just post a link to a more complete site.



This site is Fast and Informal.. made to get the word out. As Ward Cunningham says, its the Information that counts.


PBWiki IntroTutorial



Get Involved:  Here is a List of Places Where Change is Taking Place and Where You Can Apply Your Skills.


  • sfwmd.gov   The South Florida Water Management District is undertaking what has been called the largest environmental restoration project in history.  Enginners, Programmers, Hydrologic modelers, Planners, passionate Leaders are collabortaing to understand, design and implement $8 billion dollars worth of projects to restore the Everglades ecosystem.  This is a collaboration uniting federal, state, & local governements, private partners, universities, and citizen volunteers.
  • kiva.org  Microlending site, based in the Bay area


  • Achieving global cooperation is easy: ask the world a question by uploading a video of the form "How can I ...?" on YouTube (user: ISDE5questions, password: 1Movement). Everyone from the conference can then view it and respond if they can help out, continuing the ISDE5 conversation and allowing other people to get onboard.


Looking to Serve:  Here is a List of People Wanting to Apply Their Skills and Their Resumes.



Inspiring Quotes, Isms and Ideas from ISDE5


  • Big Ideas by Tom Kalil
  •  Read


Our 3 Outcomes  <-- (not sure where this comes from)


          1. To reignite my passion for pursuing insurmountable odds. 

          2. To meet 10 new people and gain insight into how they are impacting my life. 

          3. Confirm how little I know and absorb as much new knowledge as possible from truly inspiring people in 5 short days. 


Sites To Explore






Planet Under Pressure "A look at the problems facing the Earth's environment "-  a series of short videos on the bbc.co.uk website



One Laptop Per Child What the MIT $100 Laptop has evolved into--the OLPC XO computer is going into at least eight countries in 2007-2008. 

Earth Treasury Going beyond OLPC to include environmental mapping and many other programs in education, science, economic development, and giving a billion children and their communities a voice in the global conversation.



Books & Movies That Will Inspire & Educate You


  • Stumble On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
  • The Hidden Face of GOD by Gerald L. Schroder
  • Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken
  • Earth in the Balance by Al Gore
  • Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by Buckminster Fuller
  • The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
  • Vis à Vis: Native Tongues




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  • Search Flickr.com (keyword="isde5")


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 6:28 pm on Jun 6, 2007

When I first heard the name of the conference, "Digital Earth", I had several ideas what the symposium may be about, but was not clear. The term "digital" made me think of something to do with computer technology. I had to read the symposium page on the website several times, that "Digital Earth embraces a philosophy that any citizen of the planet, linked through the Internet, should be able to freely access a virtual world of information and knowledge resources. This philosphy supports the dream of uniquitous education for the people of the planet." Great notion, yet such a large notion, I had trouble digesting the range of topics that would be covered at the symposium. Issues concerning, science, technology, social, economic, cultural, institutional, and educational challenges so wide ranging I was curious to see how the various speakers would try to address the "vision". The most stimulating event(s) on the first day was James Kunsler's frusted/angry talk on the passivisity of Americans addressing the "long emergency" of environmental downfall, followed by an articulate & inspiring talk by Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, who believed the urgent problems caused by the hotter planet will cause the world to come up with revoltionary solutions to deal with the serious environmental problems at hand. Kunsler was skeptical of the role of technolgy in positive future re-emergence of our planet, while Sahtouris, in response to a question from a younger member from the audience felt that a balance between technology & evolutionary biology can create a hopeful future.
Besides putting Paul Hawken's book on my reading list, I left the first day of symposium wonderfing how I would sum up the day to someone who did not know about the symposium, and if having particular areas of focus for discussion each day may not have been helpful.

Anonymous said

at 3:29 pm on Jun 11, 2007

yes.. I am left giving great credit to Dr Tim Foresman who had the courage to include such a broad collection of views in the conference. I also had a hard time summing it up, and still do, but, I think this wiki is a chance for a continuing emergence of links and information.

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